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R package that allows to export data frames from R to xslx workbooks.


To install tablexlsx from CRAN :


Or alternatively to install the development version from GitHub :


Then to load it :

Why this package ?

This package is a wrapper of some functions from the great openxlsx package

The purpose of this package is to meet the needs of R users who want to export data frames in xlsx files to share their data and results with other users not necessarily R users.

The goal is to get an API that is as simple as possible to use. It’s intended to meet the needs of users who want to create clean, well-documented xlsx files (with a title and footnotes).

The package will be improved over time and will include new features based on the needs expressed by users. To do so, feel free to open an issue here.


Some advantages of using this package :

  • A simpler syntax for common export operations of excel files;
  • It can write several data frames in the same sheet one below the other;
  • It can merge modalities for one or several columns;
  • It can automatically open files as soon as they are created so you can inspect your workbook;
  • Data frames to be exported in xlsx files can be passed as an argument in functions as simple tables or list of tables;
  • The main function of the package toxlsx() works interchangeably with %>% and |> operators and these 3 syntaxes below are equivalent :
toxlsx(object = iris, path = mypath)
iris |> toxlsx(path = mypath)
iris %>% toxlsx(path = mypath)

πŸ‘‰ For more, see examples gallery in this vignette πŸ”Ž